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SCE has always been a leader when it comes to reducing SF6 emissions and to ensure best handling practices are used by their substation crews. SCE was one of the first utilities to sign the EPA�s memorandum of understanding in 1998 and established stringent procedures ensuring immediate emission reductions. In anticipation of the CARB requirement of a maximum emission rate of 1% by 2020, SCE has made considerable upgrades to equipment and recently updated all their internal procedures to ensure compliance with both EPA as well as State of California requirements.

As part of their commitment, all 26 of their substation crews are currently going through extensive SF6 handling training. DILO is proud to support SCE with both equipment as well as hands-on training and to be able to provide a small part to one of the largest SF6 users success to further reduce SF6 emissions. Thanks to years of training and experience, Southern California Edison crews are already very knowledgeable when it comes to SF6 gas handling, and there is no doubt that due to their commitment and hard work, SCE will continue to lead the way and achieve their stringent emission limits. Special thanks to SCE�s SF6 team for allowing DILO to be part of all the recent trainings!


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