Overview of SF6 Emissions Sources and Reduction Options in EPS: August 2018

The Environmental Protection Agency’s August 2018 Overview of SF6 Emissions Sources and Reduction Options in Electric Power Systems has officially been released! DILO’s May Newsletter focused on the SF6 Emission Reduction Partnership for Electric Power Systems. This partnership, which seeks and implements low cost solutions to reduce SF6 emissions, has been very successful! According to the latest report, the SF6 emissions of Partners have reduced by 74% since 1999.

DILO would like to thank the EPA for putting such hard work into this report. As the August 2018 Overview of SF6 Emissions points out, it is crucial to understand potential SF6 emission sources to reduce or eliminate their occurrence. About 80% of manufactured SF6 is used in high voltage equipment like switchgears and circuit breakers. Ideally, SF6 should be confined within equipment, but unfortunately it can be leaked into the atmosphere during the equipment’s lifespan. Faulty equipment and improper installation, servicing, and de-commissioning are all potential sources for SF6 emissions. Therefore, users of SF6 equipment have a huge impact on SF6 emission rates.

Informed users that employ best management practices are the first defense against SF6 emissions. At DILO, we are committed to our Zero Emissions philosophy. DILO provides SF6 Safety and Best Management Trainings to train your staff on how to properly handle SF6 to eliminate emissions. In addition, DILO Direct offers complete management of SF6, from routine maintenance to tracking of SF6 emissions via DirectTrack.

DILO was happy to offer some assistance to the EPA during the creation of this report and our team thanks Ms. Roshchanka for her kind words.

“We greatly appreciate the time you took to provide your expertise and comments on the technical details for this paper. In addition, the images you provided helped us illustrate the concepts for our readers, which greatly added to the value and look and feel of the finished product. Thanks to your help, we hope that partners will be able to use this new resource as a guide for managing their emissions of SF6 as they continue to work toward reducing the impact of the industry on the environment.”

Volha Roshchanka, Environmental Protection Agency

Ms. Roshchanka will be presenting at DILO’s 3rd Annual SF6 Management Seminar on November 14th. You won’t want to miss her presentation Voluntary SF6 Emission Reduction Partnership: 2017 Proposed Activities and Updates. Registration for DILO’s 3rd Annual SF6 Management Seminar is available here.

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