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<![if !vml]><![endif]>Zero Emissions. Zero Substitutes- for Our Planet.

By Danielle White

���� In its pure form, Sulfur Hexafluoride is a thermally stable, arc-quenching gas with an unmatched dielectric strength. These characteristics have made SF6 the desirable medium for insulating high-voltage circuit breakers. Unfortunately, these benefits come with drawbacks as SF6 has a potent global warming potential and remains in the atmosphere for thousands of years.

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What can you do to eliminate SF6 emissions while in the field?

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  • Obtain proper training for SF6 gas handling and certification. Service personnel well-versed in the topic of gas emissions and the detrimental effects of global warming is imperative for reducing the environmental impact of SF6. Operator knowledge can not only reduce the occurrence of released gas first hand � but can build a culture of environmentally conscious users in the Electrical Industry.

  • Use reliable SF6 Maintenance Equipment built to contain gas while maintaining switchgear.� Check to make sure that connections and fittings have been leak tested with proper seals.

  • Encourage SF6 reuse whenever possible. SF6 is 100% recyclable. Utilizing properly treated gas that exceeds OEM requirements helps to reduce the carbon footprint in North America.

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World Penguin Day – April 25, 2018

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Way to go green, DILO Direct!

������ Congratulations to DILO Direct for reconditioning 10,500 pounds of SF6 in Q1! Our Service Group is working hard towards the �closer to zero� initiative and helping our customers stay green. Special thanks to both ITC Transmission and S&C Electric Company for their contributions of over 1,000 pounds of SF6 each. Visit to learn how your company can safely dispose or recondition SF6 to DILO grade standards. Protect our planet by choosing to reuse over buying new every time.

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Seminar Update

���� Registration for the 3rd Annual DILO SF6 Gas Management Seminar is now open! We would love to see you there! Visit to register!

���� The DILO SF6 Gas Management Seminar is a two-day event that brings together a variety of SF6 industry experts. We are looking for presenters to share their expertise on best practices of SF6 gas reporting and handling, circuit breaker industry trends, updates on SF6 regulations, and alternative gases. Your participation will continue our collective effort in building a well-informed community of SF6 users. Please contact Ms. Lina Probst Encinias at if you�re interested in presenting at the seminar.�

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Lookout for ORANGE!

���� DILO Company and DILO Direct are proud to announce our participation in the following upcoming events:

2018 International Conference of Doble Clients April 10th – 11th (Boston, MA)

2018 IEEE Transmission & Distribution Conference April 16th – 19th (Denver, CO)

2018 SF6 Gas Management Seminar hosted by DILO and DILO DIRECT � November 14th-15th (Tampa, FL)

*Be sure to check out our website for more information on our Annual Conference

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