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On August 22nd DILO Direct was contacted by Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in Lawton Oklahoma to support them with an on-site emergency dry-out of over 700 lb of SF6 gas. �For this application, SF6 is used as a dielectric medium to insulate their 500kV Gas Insulated Equipment (GIE).

Over the years, Goodyear has been using an SF6 gas scrubbing process designed to dry their SF6 gas through an on-board heating system. This type of technology has proved to be inefficient and very time-consuming. �For example, through this process, a regular dry-out of moisture content > 500 PPMv could take over 7 days to complete.

DILO Direct provided on-site field services with DILO manufactured equipment (proven technology) to efficiently dry out 700 lb of SF6 with a measured moisture content of 2,300 PPMv.�� The equipment utilized for this process was our Z288 Mega Recovery system, Z104R01 pre-filter system, and dry storage cylinders. �With the right equipment and technical know-how, DILO Direct services reduced the moisture content from 2,300 PPMv to an acceptable level of 150 PPMv in 12 hours. �The following day, even lower moisture values were achieved.

DILO Direct is proud to offer on-site gas handling solutions that exceed our customer expectations.

Please visit DILO Direct’s Website or contact us directly at for more information on our on-site SF6 gas service offerings!



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