Economical removal of Air, CF4, Nitrogen, Moisture, and Decomposition from SF6


  • Fast turn-around time
  • All transportation arrangements handled by DILO
  • Restores contaminated gas back to 99% purity *
  • Removes decomposition and moisture
  • State-of-the-art separation equipment used
  • Test certificates document gas quality
  • Economical � less than half the cost of new gas
  • Cost is based on gas returned
  • Measured in the liquid phase of returned cylinder(s)


The separation services offered by DILO are designed to give SF6 users an alternative to venting, destroying, or stockpiling air, nitrogen (N2) and CF4 contaminated SF6.

Since no conventional SF6 recovery system is capable of generating the high pressure (725 psig), and extremely low temperature (-40°F/C) necessary to separate SF6 from lighter gases, on-site air/N2 separation has been impossible to obtain.

Whether contaminated through leaking gas handling equipment, improper handling techniques, or faulty equipment, the DILO separation unit can return the gas to like new condition.

Now that the EPA has requested SF6 users to document their gas handling procedures, many have found large supplies of questionable gas within their system. With one call, DILO can make all necessary arrangements to have the gas picked up, processed to a condition where it can be used in new gas insulated equipment, and returned to the customer’s site.


Using a two-stage cryogenic process, all dissolved nitrogen/air is extracted from the liquid phase of the SF6. Then, the liquid is filtered for moisture, oil, and decomposition. Finally, it is pumped into cylinders for return shipment to the customer. At a rate of 100 pounds per hour, the separation system offers fast turn-around time.

Call today to have the peace of mind, knowing that all contaminated gas can be certified for use in new gas insulated equipment.

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