DILO Direct offers a low cost, low environmental impact option for either recycling or disposal of SF6�Gas and SF6 Gas cylinders.

SF6 testing is an excellent method to determine the condition of the gas in gas cylinders or in GIE. When results show that purity falls below the OEM specifications and requirements, or below CIGRE requirements, DILO Direct provides options for recycling SF6 Gas contaminated with air or excessive decomposition.

As an option, DILO Direct or the customer can consolidate the suspected or tested contaminated gas into DOT approved cylinders and ship directly to the DILO facility for recycling and purification. SF6 gas shipped to DILO facility will be processed to remove any and all contaminants, including air (N2/O2), moisture, oil, and decomposition (SO2/SOF2). The cylinders are inspected, evacuated, and refilled with the purified gas, which meets or exceeds CIGRE guidelines (see below). Unless otherwise requested, all cylinders are returned to the customer, with certified purity, moisture, and decomposition values.

If a customer requires an environmentally friendly option to dispose of SF6 gas, DILO Direct will receive the gas, documenting quantities received and provide the customer proper and complete documentation on the gas disposal. DILO Direct will provide options for disposal of cylinders or return new or re-certified cylinders per the request of the customer.

Shipping logistics (proper documentation) and freight processing can all be handled by DILO, avoiding the potential liability of mistakes when transporting hazardous materials.

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