Recover Even the Smallest Amounts of SF6 Gas


The MINI series is a complete SF6 gas-reclaiming unit designed to recover SF6 Gas from the smallest volume SF6 insulated equipment. The D-310-R005 combines portability and affordability with the professional craftsmanship you expect from DILO, the world leader in SF6reclamation.

The MINI uses our newest direct-drive, high-pressure, oil less compressor MPC-04 to transfer and store SF6 into suitable storage. This is a full featured reclaimer that is not only easy to operate, and portable (one person can easily carry the reclaimer and accessories) but also user friendly. All functions can be performed without supervision. Our oilles and hermetically sealed DC-05 compressor generates sufficient pressure to liquefy SF6 directly into cylinders, allowing for complete cylinder consolidation (imagine the dollars saved when cylinders are returned empty!).

An optional vacuum module is also available to dry SF6 compartments prior to refilling. All are backed by the world-renowned DILO name.


  • DILO DN08 SF6 Valves standard
  • Improved reliability
  • Easy one valve operation
  • New improved modular design
  • Custom case included
  • True high-pressure (725 PSIG) SF6 liquefaction
  • Complete SF6 processing – Removal-Storage-Filtering-Refilling
  • Lightweight � less than 50 lbs.!
  • 230V/50-60Hz * 100% Oil less design
  • Easy change moisture and decomposition products filter
  • Safe, pressure regulated refilling
  • Cylinder consolidation


The MINI can perform all functions necessary to reclaim and purify SF6 gas to near new condition. Optional storage tank stores liquid SF6 during processing.

  • Removal and liquid storage of SF6.
  • Direct high-pressure liquefaction of SF6 into SF6 cylinders.
  • Double filtering of the SF6 automatically during removal and again during filling.
  • Refilling with reclaimed or new SF6 using built-in pressure regulator.
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