The Performance Series is designed to save you money by restoring SF6 to reusable conditions at faster rates.

� Up to 300 lbs. Per Hour Recovery
• Automated Touch Screen Operation
• DOT Approved Storage
• No Contamination of SF6
• Safe and CFC free Liquefaction allows for Flexible Gas Storage Capacities
• Simultaneous Recovery & Vacuum
• Unequalled Protection Features
• 99.99% Recovery – Highest Available


The DILO Performance Series was developed to handle large quantities of SF6 quickly. Using a high-speed multistage oil-less vacuum pump and compressor system, the Performance Series will dramatically reduce maintenance time. The custom-built 100% oil-less compressor uses the latest technology to reduce restriction, and increase throughput.

Simple to Operate:

  • All controls are in one location.
  • Built-in tank scale displays weight of gas in storage cylinders.
  • 100% oil-less and refrigeration-less.
  • No manual valves – simple operation.
  • Fully automatic – no operator supervision.
  • Safe -no pre-start, post-operation check list.

Fast and Efficient:

• Low restriction, direct plumbing makes the Mega II the fastest system in it’s class.
• World-renowned self sealing DILO fittings eliminate air contamination.
• Compression system is capable of pulling a 10 micron vacuum at 725 PSIG output.
• Multi-port design allows simultaneous recovery, filling, and evacuation.
• Evaporator vaporizes SF6 as needed automatically – no more tank heaters.

Reliable and Durable:

  • All tubing and fittings are of the highest quality and are designed to withstand harsh conditions.
  • Solenoid valves are hermetically sealed, guaranteeing life-long leak-free service.
  • High-speed compressor is based on 40 year proven technology – the longest in the industry.


  • Removal and Storage of SF6 to achieve 99.99% gas recovery.
  • Automatic double cleansing of SF6 during removal and refilling – to like-new condition.
  • Evacuation of gas compartment to remove air and moisture before filling.
  • Refilling of all reclaimed SF6 from the storage vessel or with new gas.
  • Liquid to liquid transfer of SF6.
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