Transport Mobile Breakers Legally*, Safely

Reduce pressures in mobile equipment to meet legal requirements* using proven DILO compression technology

  • 100% oil-less design
  • 120 V or 230V 1ph 50 or 60 Hz
  • Safe, unsupervised operation
  • Compressor 35 CFH (2 m3/h) – 70CFH upgrade available
  • Max. Pressure 725 psig (50 bar)
  • Pressure Diff. 50 : 1
  • Connections Permanently installed – varied
  • Length 36 inches
  • Width 18 inches
  • Height 18 inches

*shown with optional two-compressor upgrade (D-309-SO)


The D-309-R001 is designed to transfer SF6 from gas compartments into standard DOT approved cylinders in liquid form. With 35 cubic foot per hour (CFH) displacement, and a true 50:1 compression ratio, the D-309-R001 offers fast, economical and portable transfer of SF6 gas. The use of a direct drive oil-less compressor reduces the risk of oil or air contamination during transfer.

Mobile substations with SF6 circuit breakers present transportation challenges to most users. When charged to the correct operating pressure, they are unsafe and illegal* to transport. To move the equipment, users often release the gas to reduce the pressure to an acceptable level. Now, with a low-cost transfer system permanently installed on the trailer, the operator can transfer SF6 from the breaker into an on-board DOT approved cylinder. With the pressure reduced to a pre-determined value, the breaker and trailer can be moved safely and legally*.

The D-309-R001 is designed with simplicity in mind. A storage cylinder is connected to one end, and the breaker to the other end. With a flip of the power switch, and the movement of one valve, transfer (in either direction) begins. Housed a weather tight box, no special trailer modifications are necessary.


The D-309-R001 can perform all functions necessary for the withdrawal of gaseous SF6, direct high-pressure liquefaction, pressure regulated refilling, and filtration. Inlet and outlet gauges reflect true pressures of the source and destination containers. Once started, the unit can operate completely unsupervised. In fact, the unit will automatically shut down when the pre-set pressure has been reached.

The same oil-less two compressor technology is now available in a dolly mounted recovery system (MINI Plus).

*DOT 49CFR173.115(b) states that any Class 2.2 (non-flammable, non-poisonous compressed gas � i.e. SF6) which exerts in the packaging an absolute pressure of 40.6 pisa (25psig) or greater at 68°F must be in a DOT approve vessel with a working pressure of at least 1000 psig.

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