Economy Series saves time and money on all your SF6maintenance work.

  • Nearly 100% SF6 gas recovery
  • Reclaim to “near new” condition
  • Safe, easy to use
  • Fool proof, fully automatic operation with DILO’s exclusive ARPS control system
  • Lowers training costs
  • CFC-free liquefaction
  • Most standard features of anything on the market
  • Modular construction
  • Flexible–trailer or castor mountings


SF6 use in insulated switchgear is growing exponentially. At the same time, the amount each contains keeps getting smaller and smaller. The Economy Series SF6 gas carts are designed for these smaller applications. They meet or exceed world standards for purity of reclaimed SF6AND are oil free. Their modular construction gives you the flexibility to “unplug” components should repairs ever become necessary. Even the trailer can be replaced if damaged. Ultimate versatility, convenience, and the latest in DILO’s exclusive state-of-the-art ARPS control system–the best in technology from the world leader. Economy series reclaimers offer all functions needed to make reuse of reclaimed SF6 gas safe and economical.


Economy models are full featured gas carts. They can perform all functions necessary to reclaim and purify SF6 gas to near new condition including

  • Removal and storage of SF6 to achieve 99+% recovery
  • Automatic cleansing during removal and filling.
  • Flushing the gas compartment with ambient air, dry air, or nitrogen.
  • Evacuation of gas compartment to remove air and moisture before filling.
  • Refilling with reclaimed “near new” SF6 from the storage vessel or with new gas.


  • 100% oil free and gastight DILO compressors
  • Original, self-sealing DILO couplers
  • All internal fittings use exclusive DILO metal-to-metal seals
  • Freon free liquefaction
  • Modular replacement of ANY component –even the trailer!
  • Quick change filter systems
  • State-of-the-art ARPS control
  • Thoughtful design and exquisite craftsmanship provides years of reliable DILO service

Adapted to your requirements. . .

Offering a wide variety of options, the Economy series can be ideally suited to your needs. From small indoor systems on lockable steering rollers, all the way up to mobile, weather protected and trailer mounted units which include such amenities as tool boxes, lockable storage compartments for measuring devices and night operation illumination, you’ll find an Economy version to meet your needs.

ARPS Process oriented control:

The Economy Series is equipped with an automated ARPS control process with manual override capability. This innovative design protects not only your workers and the equipment itself, but also prevents inadvertent SF6 contamination due to human error. Advanced Routing and Processing System (ARPS) allows each function to be run either through preprogrammed selections or manually.

Prices and Delivery:

Each model consists of the same time-tested components that built DILO’s reputation as quality leader the world over for nearly 40 years. They’re just packaged into modular assemblies. These sub-components are now manufactured in larger quantities, allowing us to combine the variety and flexibility our customers demand with the affordability and short delivery periods the industry has come to expect.

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