The new unit allows an integral and fully automated leak measurement on SF6-insulated components and assembly units. Even smallest leakages are detected within a short period of time. Thus time consuming and conventional test methods are a thing of the past.

The measurement result always indicates the total leak rate of the test object.

  • vacuum chamber with diffusion accelerator
  • highly sensitive leak measuring system with a detection limit
    of < 1 ppb.
  • leakages down to 1* 10-9 mbar l/s can be detected
  • test time 3 � 5 minutes
  • automatic test process
  • vacuum and pressure monitoring during the process
  • modern control technology via computer with 17“ TFT screen
  • standard size of the test chamber up to 4 m³ (larger dimensions on request)
  • test only with insulating gas (SF6) (recovery of test gas is not necessary after the end of the test)
  • evacuation of air and filling of the GIS components with SF6- gas can be carried out inside the vacuum chamber (option)
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