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The MINI SERIES C4/C5 is perfectly suited for efficient gas handling of small gas compartments and gas recovery down to < 5 mbar. It is designed for the handling of 3MTM NovecTM 4710 and 3MTM NovecTM 5110 gas mixtures.

The working pressures are provided so the gas is stored in gaseous form to prevent demixing. This allows the gas mixture to be filled from the gas compartment into a transport cylinder, as well as the complete removal of the gas mixture from a transport cylinder (only for gaseous supply in the cylinder).

The handy individual MINI components for recovery, consisting of a compressor and a vacuum compressor are connected to the unit via wire braided hoses. The vacuum pump of the MINI SERIES C4/C5 completes the components and serves for evacuating the gas compartments.

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