DILO Direct offers a low cost, low environmental impact option for either recycling or disposal of SF6�Gas and SF6 Gas cylinders.

Routine gas cart maintenance is paramount to reliability and performance. In an effort to provide DILO equipment owners the guaranteed comfort to ensure the recovery system are running to the most efficient and effective design parameters, DILO offers annual maintenance plans specifically designed for DILO recovery equipment. These comprehensive programs allow owners to know that their recovery units will be properly maintained by trained DILO technicians. With this service, you can look forward to years of trouble free service. As an incentive, when added to the purchase of a new gas
recovery device, the warranty of that unit will be extended up to two years from date of receipt.

Your system will receive a thorough inspection including: performance and functional tests; complete inspection of the plumbing and electrical systems; along with changing all on-board filters and vacuum pump oil. Furthermore, any small malfunction that might not appear for some time can be identified before it becomes a major issue, causing unnecessary downtime.

With DILO’s larger carts, such as the Economy or MEGA series, the maintenance will be completed on-site. Once the maintenance has been completed, hands-on operational training can also be provided to ensure your equipment is being properly used and to its full potential.

MINI series recovery systems will be serviced at our maintenance facility in Odessa, FL. Training on these units can still be provided at no extra cost.

DILO can also offer recovery system upgrades to improve efficiency, and gas recovery to some of the DILO recovery systems.

Analyzers are an intricate part of a customer’s gas management and GIE condition assessments. DILO offers equipment calibrations and repairs as well as upgrades to ensure that the analyzer is providing the most accurate results with minimal opportunity for equipment break down.

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