L400 & L600 – MEGA SERIES

 In Gas Cart

L400 Data Sheet:
Download Data Sheet Here

L600 Data Sheet:
Download Data Sheet Here

The new systems named L400 and L600 will replace the extremely successful L280 and L550 series, and have been designed specifically for large SF6 volume applications as well as for time critical SF6 maintenance projects requiring fast SF6 handling while eliminating any gas emissions.

At the heart of the systems is the new B200 compressor which has been designed from the ground up and is exactly tailored to the specific requirements of SF6 handling drawing from DILO�s over 40 years of building compressors for this type of application and will be manufactured in house by DILO that depending on system configuration is capable of recovering more than 850 lbs of SF6 per hour. Interface is via smart panel utilizing DILO�s proprietary graphic based software which greatly simplifies system operation. Like all DILO�s L-Series, model L400 and L600 recover ? 99.99% of SF6 from any vessel thus eliminating all SF6 handling emissions.

  • SF6 gas recovery down to < 1 mbar
  • Simultaneous operation is available with additional DN20 and DN40 couplings (as option)
  • Automatic control with 10� color touch screen
  • Optional remote operation via smartphone or tablet
  • Reversing switch for direction of rotation
  • Optional second dry filter
  • Optional dew point control for dry filter
  • Optional second evaporator
  • All service carts can be castor or trailer mounted



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