Introducing: The Megatron of SF6 Handling Equipment

The first and most difficult challenge we face when developing a new system is to push the boundaries of our own benchmarks yet again. This time the challenge was made even tougher as the task at hand was to replace the highly successful and unmatched performance of model L550.

DILO is proud to introduce Model L600R52 � our own version of the Megatron.

A the heart of this unit is our all new oil-less 3-clinder B200R01 compressor which combined with extra-large I.D. components and minimal plumbing � resulting in minimal flow restrictions � make this system dramatically faster during both SF6 recovery as well as filling. The optional dual evaporator setup further increases filling speed and doubling the filter capacity will make this the system of choice when handling large SF6 volumes for many years to come.

To top it all off we added an optional 500 m3/h roots blower capable of achieving a final vacuum of 0.02 mbar enabling evacuating the air from even the largest compartments in no time.

A new software interface controlled through a re-designed smart panel display makes operation the most simplistic yet! In addition to all of the previous innovations that have made the L-series the most popular large gas service carts in the world, DILO also now offers options for remote control of all functions via smartphone, tablet, or PC and the ability of air evacuation while simultaneously recovering or filling another compartment.

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