In either utility, power, industrial environments, DILO Direct will provide EH&S and equipment�operations and maintenance trained DILO Direct Field Service Technicians to provide technical field assistance to in house staff with filling, recovery, testing and/or consolidation services using DILO SF6 equipment to ensure we meet the goal to limit SF6 Gas emissions.

DILO Direct offers on-site SF6 gas fleet management to support the needs and meet the requirements to report SF6 emissions to the EPA, and to reduce costs in SF6 management.

In the event of GIE failure, SF6 gas by-products will be present in the gas compartment. DILO Direct will provide the experience, knowledge and expertise to safely recover the faulted SF6 and the byproducts.

Finally DILO Direct can complement in-house staff with Power circuit breaker electrical testing as part of power circuit breaker gas services. The customer will receive a detailed report with all final test results including recommendations for future maintenance needs as applicable.

DILO Direct offers a number of on-site technical service options by providing experienced and efficient on-site field service solutions for your GIE service needs. This includes all of the following SF6 needs:

  • Filling for new equipment
  • Recovery, vacuum and refilling of SF6 for equipment maintenance and decommissioning
  • On-Site Testing of SF6
  • Onsite cylinder consolidation & SF6 fleet management
  • Name plate correction to limit “phantom emission” reporting
  • Power Circuit Breaker standard electrical testing
  • Recovery system service and repairs
  • SF6 Safety & handling training
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