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DILO SF6 Handling and Equipment Training

For efficient and emission-free SF6 gas handling, well-trained personnel is required. Whether you need training on SF6 service, measuring devices, cylinder handling, or training courses for the recovery of SF6 gas: our highly-educated instructors will impart their theoretical and practical know-how so that all your questions will be answered.

DILO�s Billy Lao hosted SF6 and DILO equipment in house training for two Florida Power and Light employees and three new DILO employees. We would like to thank the gentlemen from FPL for traveling to our facility and taking this opportunity to expand their knowledge of SF6 gas handling. We received great feedback specifically about Billy�s passionate training style, especially when it comes to safety and education covering global warming effects.

DILO offers on-site and in house training. To get more information email us at sales@dilo.com or call our main number 727-376-5593 and ask for your regional salesperson.


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