DILO Direct supports Duke Energy with the W.S. Lee Combined Cycle, Project!

DILO Direct supports Duke Energy with the W.S. Lee Combined Cycle, Project!

With an increasing demand for Zero Emission SF6 handling, more and more Utilities and SF6 users are turning to the experts.�� DILO Direct has recently completed 2 of 4 phases of on-site SF6 gas handling and commission services. This includes the gas handling of nine� (9) 500Kv Circuit Breakers at Duke Energy�s W.S. Lee �combined cycle project, in Crystal River, FL.� The services performed, support the new installation and expansion of an existing substation and a new substation supporting this 1.6MW power project being constructed for Duke Energy in Citrus County, FL.

DILO Direct�s on-site services for this project include:

  • Air Evacuation of the new breakers
  • SF6 Filling of 450 pounds gas per breaker!
  • SF6 Quality Analysis of filled gas
  • Recovery of SF6 gas from older SF6 gas breakers
  • Analysis and condition assessment of the SF6 gas
  • Reconditioning the recovered SF6 gas to lower the SF6 gas moisture and by -products
  • Re-use to fill and commissioning of multiple dead tank circuit breakers with the processed SF6 gas

DILO Direct is fully equipped with state-of-the-art SF6 Handling Systems, Multi-Analyzers, and our unique DUAL Evaporator Filling Device; which helps to expedite the maintenance process when utilizing cylinder tippers and manifolds to fill from multiple cylinders simultaneously.

DILO Direct is leading the way as industry Pioneers! SF6 onsite services START and END with DILO; as we are the only service provider who manufactures our own equipment.

If DILO Direct can help you with your next SF6 project, please contact us at 727-376-5593 or email us at direct@dilo.com

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