DILO Direct supports customers with end of year cylinder weigh events!

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It is that Time of Year Again! As many utilities in the USA work hard to ensure their end of year SF6 inventory for the EPA�s Green House Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP) is up to date and accurate, DILO Direct is ready to support you with on-site SF6 gas accountability services.

Direct-Track and the processes that tie into our on-line SF6 Gas management program are a combined package that can support utilities and industrial SF6�gas users with a full inspection of their gas reserve with real-time data logging.

DILO Direct was called to support an intricate part of the reporting for one of our local utility customers in Florida. Maintaining a record of their cylinder and SF6 gas inventory on their property is a major piece of the reporting process. Without the workforce and the steadily approaching year end, DILO Direct was called to get it done right, fast, and support any corrections that may be required.

Every cylinder at the utility�s main warehouse as well as bottles placed on trouble-trucks were accounted for. In addition to tallying weights by use of a calibrated cylinder scale (DILO Model #: D-230-R002), each tank was visually inspected for certification dates, tare weight data, and overall condition.

DILO Direct focuses these efforts to ensure accurate accounting of each cylinder for the final report required by the GHGRP. Accountability of cylinders and the gas is not only important for the GHGRP, but it is also an imperative piece of overall supply management and operations of any utility. This web-based tool along with our certified technicians assures maintenance personnel that regulations are being met in accordance to DOT/ISO (i.e. Cylinder Certification), OSHA compliance, and a peace of mind that SF6 will always be available � even for those last minute emergency jobs.

Inventory control can also aid in spotlighting an abundance of gas product. This allows the user to turn over unwanted SF6 for disposal to DILO Direct. Let us do the work for you! Our service group can provide reports indicating the quality and quantity of SF6 received for removal. Proper documentation is a �must have� in the event of future audits.

You can count on DILO Direct to support you with all of your SF6 needs, including a practical way of monitoring SF6 Gas and the condition of all in stock cylinders.

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