DILO delivers another Factory SF6 handling plant to Siemens – Jackson, MS!

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Top quality breaker manufacturers require top quality tools to streamline production while maintaining efficient workflow.
In collaboration with DILO�s engineering staff, Siemens SF6 gas breaker manufacturing is expanding to new heights.

With the delivery of their fourth DILO SF6 gas recovery plant, Siemens Jackson is prepared to finish the year strong, fulfilling year-end orders of their popular SF6 gas insulated equipment.

For the many familiar with a DILO SF6 field level recovery system, imagine using the system with three times the capability.
This new system can Evacuate, Recover, and Fill three breakers simultaneously, with the potential to do more!

1We would like to take this opportunity to thank Siemens for their continued trust and partnership; we look forward to providing Siemens with our commitment to excellence and quality of SF6 maintenance equipment and services for many years to come.

Your business is greatly appreciated!

-DILO Team

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