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Annual Scale Calibration Program

With regulatory agencies, such as the USEPA, MassDEP, and CARB requiring companies to track and report SF6 usage, accuracy and ease of calibration are more important than ever.

60 Month Annual Scale Calibration Program

120 Month Annual Scale Calibration Program

Standard procedures

  • Full functional test and comprehensive inspection of the device
  • Calibration Certificate is provided upon completion of each service event
    Test Weight NIST Certificates, Legal-for-Trade, will also be provided
  • A 6% discount on repair parts is covered under the program
    Any additional repair cost will be quoted separately upon inspection at DILO’s service center.

Models covered*

  • D-230-R002
  • D-230-R001
  • D-265-R001 (scale only)
  • B143R11 (scale only)
  • D-320-Rxxx (scale only)

* Program does not include repairs of parts due to damages which may result from abuse, misuse, misapplication, accidents, or because of service or modification by anyone other than authorized DILO representative. Any additional repair cost will be quoted separately upon inspection at DILO Company Inc. analyzer service facility


  • Calibration to be performed at DILO’s service center.
  • Transport of scale to & from DILO facility not included.
  • Includes a maximum of one (1) calibration or calibration verification per year.
  • Program begins at the invoice date with the option to renew 6 months before end of each contract.

RMA Process

An RMA will need to be filled out by the customer to initiate any service. To obtain this document, please contact DILO prior to sending the equipment to us. After sending a filled-out copy back to DILO, a completed version will be returned to the customer and then is required to be included on the outside of the inbound shipment.

Does your D-230-R001/R002 Cylinder Weight Scale have a case

Optional Case: (Part number: D-230-R002 Case)

The optional Pelican brand roller case is constructed of sturdy lightweight HPX resin, in-line wheels, two soft-grip handles, six press & pull latches, a watertight seal, and lifetime guarantee. Inside you will find custom cut foam, which has storage space for the 120v power supply and extra batteries.

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