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4-port cylinder manifold (4 x DN8 / 1 x DN20)

6-port cylinder manifold (6 x DN8 / 1 x DN20)

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An efficient device for moving / transferring SF6 gas from large breakers when multiple cylinders are required or for cylinder consolidation. Its unique design allows for setting on the floor or mounting on any flat surface.

Each manifold comes in its own light weight waterproof flight case making it ideal for use in the field keeping all your connectors and hoses in one convenient damage proof location.

  • DILO DN20 Input Connector
  • DILO DN8 Output Connector
  • Aluminum protective valve caps
  • Lightweight aluminum design
  • Keep all of your manifold equipment in one case
  • Rugged waterproof flight case included
  • 6? self-sealing DN8 fiber reinforced rubber hoses with US SF6 cylinder connections

*Additional fittings are available upon request

Technical data D-240-R002:

  • Dimensions: L 8″, W 7″, H 5″
  • Weight: 9lbs
  • Case dimensions: L 14″, W 18″, H 8″
  • Total weight: 30.5lbs
  • Maximum pressure: 1,000 PSIG
  • Material: Aluminum

Technical data D-260-R002:

  • Dimensions: L 13.5″, W 8″, H 5″
  • Weight: 11lbs
  • Case dimensions: L 17″, W 21″, H 8″
  • Total weight: 39.5lbs
  • Maximum pressure: 1,000 PSIG
  • Material: Aluminum

Optional equipment:

  • 5 m long rubber hose DN20 with coupling tongue part DN20 on both ends 6-1017-R050
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