B190R11 Remote Filling Device for SF6 Download Data Sheet Here Safety is always a top priority when maintaining switchgear. Our new Remote Commissioning Unit enables users to FILL gas insulated [...]


3-826-R004 Click here for data sheet. Measuring Device Compressor Low SF6 pressure while testing is no longer an issue when utilizing our Measuring Device Compressor in conjunction with any of [...]

Cylinder Manifolds

D-240-R002 4-port cylinder manifold  (4 x DN8 / 1 x DN20) D-260-R002 6-port cylinder manifold (6 x DN8 / 1 x DN20) Download Data Sheet Here An efficient device for moving / transferring SF6 gas [...]

Cylinder Heating Blankets

Download Data Sheet Here HB 120A  Cylinder Heating Blanket For heating SF6 gas bottles SF6 bottles contain both liquid and vapor content. While vapor is being removed from the top of the [...]

Density Controller

B178R01 DensiControl DA For automatic testing of switching points in density monitors Download Data Sheet Here Density monitors are important components in gas monitoring. As safety equipment in [...]

Gas-Tight Cutting Devices

Z415R04 / R03 Gas tight cutting device For recovery of SF6 gas from firmly welded gas compartments Download Data Sheet Here This cutting device allows reliable recovery of SF6 gas in case gas [...]

B007R01 / B071R11 Pre-Filter

Download Data Sheet Here B007R01 Portable pre-filter unit (pe 25 bar) For adsorption of moisture and gaseous or dusty decomposition products. Dry filters filled with molecular sieve and aluminum [...]

3-537-R001 Pre-Filter

Download Data Sheet Here 3-537-R001 Mobile pre-filter unit (pe 25 bar) For adsorption of gaseous and dusty decomposition products in large gas compartments Technical data: Dimensions: L 800 mm, W [...]

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