B152R41/R51 – Mass Flow Meter

 In Management Devices

B152R41-R51 Data Sheet

The SF6 mass flow measuring system can be used to accurately measure the quantity of SF6 (in lbs/mass) as it is either filling equipment, or during gas recovery. Because the measurement is based on the volume of gas passing through the device, traditional cylinder weighing is not required. Thus the operator will not have to lift a bottle onto a scale – a welcome relief.

The transmitter, sensor and meter are housed in a small, lightweight module. During gas transfer, the operator places the module between the gas source and destination (i.e. between a cylinder and breaker). As the gas flows through the device, a digital meter accurately reflects the number of pounds (weight) of gas passing through the device. The information can also be transferred to a computer, making SF6 tracking that much easier. The addition of a secondary meter allows users to add and subtract gas quantities, making monitoring simple and effective.

Key Features:

  • System can be wall or table mounted
  • DN20 coupling connections
  • Measuring accuracy: 0.5% ± 0.1kg/h
  • Indication in lbs or kg
  • B152R51 comes standard with battery operation
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