SF6 Multi-Function Analyzer


  • Test all three contaminants – purity, moisture, and decomposition.
  • Integrated SF6 Recovery – Zero Emission System
  • Readings in less than 6 minutes – total
  • 5″ Color Touchscreen
  • Pressure independent
  • Multiple units of measurement (i.e. PPM, dew point)
  • Integrated data-logger with USB port
  • Maximum inlet pressure 200 PSIG

SF6 Moisture Measuring Device


  • Designed for determining moisture level content within arced, unfiltered SF6, directly from insulated equipment.
  • Readings in less than 10 minutes
  • Battery or 110/220VAC power supply
  • Inlet pressure up to 500PSIG – no regulator required

SF6�Percentage Analyzing Device


  • Designed for determining SF6 percentages of arced, unfiltered SF6, directly from insulated equipment.
  • Readings in less than 2 minutes
  • Simple “plug in and read” operation
  • Pressure and temperature independent

SF6�Decomposition / Oil Mist Detection Device


  • Designed for determining SO2, HF content of arced, unfiltered SF6, directly from insulated equipment.
  • Can also measure Oil mist content of SF6 Gas
  • Uses a variety of specific test tubes

SF6�Decomposition Measuring Device


  • Touch-screen interface
  • No regulator required (test directly from cylinders)
  • Lithium-ion battery (8-10 hours runtime)
  • 0-100 PPM
  • Sensor lasts 1 year, regardless of number of tests.

SF6�Indoor Warning Device

3-026-R114 and 3-026-R115

The DILO 3-026-R114/R115 warning device is the ideal tool to protect users, the environment, and to help reduce SF6 emissions. It is extremely sensitive, and has a very fast response time when monitoring indoor applications such as GIS or cylinder storage areas. The OSHA Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL), the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH), and CIGRE B3.02.01 Threshold Limit Values (TLV) for SF6 have been set at 1,000 ppm. With LEDs, buzzers, and relay outputs, the unit can turn onventilation fans and signal remote operators of a potential hazard. Should a GIS (or cylinder) rupture disc fail, the 3-026 would immediately alert approaching crew of the potential for excessive SF6.

Up to 5 Sensors can be remotely monitored.

SF6�Concentration Monitor


New to our outstanding line of emission detection units is the 3-026-R704 Multi-Zone SF6 Gas Monitor. This device provides continuous detection of SF6 gas levels in up to 16 separate test zones . These Multi-Zone monitors retain a log of previous readings that can be easily accessed for analysis. Four relay contacts are provided that can be programmed to trigger external alarm devices in the event of a system fault, or if a small, medium, or large level of gas is detected. Audible and visual front panel indicators show any alarm and fault condition.

The 3-026-R704 will promote safety and help to protect the environment through persistent emission monitoring.

Analyzer Discharge Recovery System


  • Eliminate ALL gas emissions resulting from gas analysis
  • Internal compressor (725PSIG)
  • Recovers 30 samples into an internal cylinder
  • Can discharge into external cylinders or equipment
  • Portable carrying case
  • Particle filter and gauges
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