3-537-R001 Pre-Filter

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Mobile pre-filter unit (pe 25 bar)

For adsorption of gaseous and dusty decomposition products in large gas compartments

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: L 800 mm, W 600 mm, H 850 mm
  • Weight: 81 kg

Standard equipment:

  • 2 dry filters (filled with molecular sieve and aluminum oxide AI2O3)
  • 2 Particle filters
  • 2 DILO coupling groove parts DN20
  • Ball valves DN20 for switching over
  • 5 m long rubber hose DN20 with 2 DILO coupling tongue parts DN20
  • Paint: orange (RAL 2004)
  • 2 operating manuals in German, English or French

Optional accessories at an extra charge:

  • 2 m long rubber hose DN20 with coupling tongue part on both ends 6-1017-R020
  • Spare filter cartridge (dry filter) 3-899-06
  • Spare filter cartridge (particle filter) 3-377-08
  • Additional operating manual on CD-ROM 6-0004-R213
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