2017 EPA Workshop

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This year�s EPA Workshop included great hospitality, a convenient location, and a very informative atmosphere. The attending DILO staff were given the opportunity to participate in lively discussions about subjects such as bringing attention to deficiencies in best practices, continuing environmental care, and safety in the field. Some interesting key points during the event included the use of mass flow monitoring equipment, accurate emissions reporting, and future changes in greenhouse gas reporting for the EPA.

The use of mass flow monitoring equipment was a prominent and highly discussed topic. Proper reporting practices in the field include the use of True Mass Monitoring (TMM) to ensure accurate SF6 gas accountability and thus aiding towards the objective of emission reduction targets. Precise emissions reporting is very important and DILO Direct can help to make the process easier and more efficient. Direct � Track is a cloud based tool that provides SF6 tracking. The software combined with our technical know-how and dedication will guarantee to keep you on track and achieve a 1% or less emission rate well before reporting agencies� target deadline of 2020. Understanding inventory and maintaining real-time and transparent reporting are important when meeting the EPA�s reporting deadline of March 31st 2017 for your 2016 emissions. An interesting update in regards to GHGR (Greenhouse Gas Reporting) for 2017 emissions is the requirement for organizations to report installed gas insulated equipment and emissions in each state they are present (where they may have an installed base).

DILO would like to thank Alex Salinas (Southern California Edison) and Neil Hutchins (Southern Company) for presenting with Billy Lao. Together they were able to provide expert experience in the field including how to be responsible in respect to safety and the environment as well as managerial approaches to SF6 concerns. The presentations opened the floor for full discussions and debates about SF6 handling. We would also like to thank the EPA members and PG&E (who sponsored the tour event visit of San Mateo Substation) for the opportunity to provide the presentations and participate in the discussions that followed.

We look forward to the next EPA event!

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